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    EMR - Electronic Medical Records
    Micro Format is a manufacturer of document security paper products.
    As an approved supplier of Secure Prescription Paper nationwide,
    we manufacture and sell approved Laser Rx Paper Nationwide.
    Our Standard Format Papers - Rx 503, Rx505, Rx510 and the Thermal Roll Prescription Paper products are accepted for use in every state EXCEPT Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Washington and California.
    Our Rx503T and Rx563 Thermal Rx Paper Rolls are acceptable for use in Alaska and Maine.

    Our Standard Format papers also meet the requirements as specified in the State Wyoming.

    In addition, we manufacture special State approved papers for use in Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Delaware and Washington. Even though New Jersey and California have very restrictive requirements, we are approved to print prescription paper for use in those states and can provided your clients with approved laser script paper

    When you visit our web site at
    you will see all of the various Tamper Resistant Prescription Papers we manufacture including Secure Rx Pads, Secure Laser Rx Paper and Secure Thermal Rx Rolls.

    We manufacture Secure Thermal Rx Paper rolls for use in Star, Dymo, Citizen, Datamax and Zebra Printers

    ALL of the Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Products we manufacture meet and exceed ALL Medicaid Requirements.

    One of the services we offer is a web page that contains all of the Laser Rx Paper products that work with your software. A complete model site, with all links active, can be seen at
    Your Home Page

    On this page we will include ONLY those products that work with your software. This will help eliminate your client's confusion in choosing just the right Rx Script Paper for their needs.
    Our greatest value to you and your company may be our ability to provide timely information relative to the various state requirements as they relate to printing medical prescriptions. In our files we have the "preferred" formats for use in every state. These formats can be programmed into your software so that a client printing a script in Texas, for example, will output the information as required by that state. The same goes for clients in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and others. We can also provide you with supporting documents on an "as needed basis" for all of the specified "formats" as well as the information specifying specific requirements that must be included on scripts used in Indiana and Kentucky. Similar information is available for New Jersey and California.
    We are looking forward to working with you, your company and your clients. Call for additional information

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