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Micro Format, Inc. is a Florida Department of Health
AND Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
"approved printer" of Secure Prescription Paper Products.


State of Florida Legislation requires that a unique production batch number appear on the front of each script

At the time your order is placed, a unique batch number for your order will be printed on the front of your laser script paper before your order is shipped.

FULL SHEET Prescription Paper

Print prescriptions with your Laser or Ink Jet Printer.

  • Sheet size: 8-1/2" x 11"
  • 24# Paper
  • No Perforations
  • Security Warning Box in four positions on back of sheet
  • Small Production Coded Batch Number in margins

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  • Item# Blue Background FL-Rx503-P4
    8.5in. x 11in.
    (perforated to yield 4 scripts when detached)
    Click to Enlarge Rx503-P4
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    Secure Tamper Resistant Laser Prescription Paper ~ 4 scripts per sheet
    1000 sheets per package
    $ 130.00 plus shipping by UPS

    1 carton (2,500 sheets per carton)
    $312.50 plus shipping by UPS

    2 cartons (2,500 sheets per carton)
    $300.00 per carton plus shipping by UPS

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